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Named for our flexibility to divide forces as needed, our interest in the musical structure of division itself, and reflecting the performance traditions of the New York and London pleasure gardens, the work of's 35-member core group has included numerous concerts in the Greater Metropolitan area. The group comprises experienced freelance players who have performed with many of the major orchestras, authentic-practice ensembles, and new music ensembles in the tri-state and New York. Their work has also been heard on television, radio, and many of the major record labels.

In addition to the classical repertoire ideally suited to the available combinations of our core group, we have demonstrated historic performance traditions in Buxtehude's Membra Jesu; given a complete cycle of Bach's Lutheran Masses; presented works by contemporary composers Lalo Schfrin, Gwyneth Walker, Thad Wheeler and Frank Zappa; premiered David Hurd's Holy Apostles Mass; and commissioned Constance Cooper's Play Within A Play, and Douglas Anderson's Chamber Symphony No. 4, both of which interweave the compositional techniques of division with the composer's own system.