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Constance Cooper: Play Within a Play [.mp3]

First Movement (Excerpt)[1.17MB]

Second Movement (Excerpt) [1.06MB]

Third Movement (Excerpt) [3.67MB]

Fourth Movement (Complete) [6.95MB]

Franz Joseph Haydn: Symphony 104 in D, Hob. I:104 'London' [.mp3]

Second Movement (Excerpt)[2.73MB]

Fourth Movement (Excerpt)[1.43MB]

Dmitri Shostakovich: Romance-Suite for Soprano and Piano Trio, Op. 127 [.mp3]

Blok Songs (Excerpt I) (Excerpt)[2.71MB]

Blok Songs (Excerpt II) (Excerpt)[3.67MB]

Hilary Tann: Nothing Forgotten for Piano Trio [.mp3]

all that light caught forever (Excerpt)[1.33MB]



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Constance Cooper: Concerto for Soprano Violin, Coming From Us Quixotic Records; Quixotic 5007

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